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Having cancer can be overwhelming and financially draining. But, getting on the right cancer treatment, matched to your unique tumor as soon as possible, can help avoid any potential unnecessary toxicities and/or the extra financial burdens of medications that have no response to your tumor.

How it Works

The CureMatch Consumer Portal is a secure web application designed to offer you a seamless experience in managing your analysis requests. From signing up to accessing your results, our platform provides a straightforward and secure process to facilitate your interactions with CureMatch.

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Whether it’s you or someone you care about, you can make a difference. For diagnosed patients, precision medicine with CureMatch helps doctors identify therapies that are tailored to each person’s unique molecular profile, supporting the oncology team with options that are ‘matched’ to an individual’s tumor.



“CureMatch opens up many more treatment options beyond the standard of care – and this is so important when those treatments are failing the patient.”
Kimary Kulig, PhD, MPH
“The CureMatch report provided me with clarity about therapeutic options for my patients with metastatic cancer given that there are no clinical trials currently available at ours or other regional centers that they would be eligible for.”
Himabindu Gaddipati, MD
“CureMatch is doing what makes sense in getting the right drugs to the right patients. Their therapy options with scores and targeting rationale allows oncologists to make quicker personalized treatment choices”
Jacob Adoshek, DO

CureMatch Embraces Diverse NGS Reports from Multiple Providers for Tailored Care

Strata Oncology
Quest Diagnostics
Myriad Genetics
Guardant Health
Foundation Medicine
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cancer treatment options & management inc.
Protean BioDiagnostics


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CancerX is a public-private partnership launched by The White House, which aims to be a national accelerator boosting innovation in the fight against cancer as part of the reignited Cancer Moonshot initiative.

​​CancerX members work actively to advance the national goals of Cancer Moonshot: to cut the death rate from cancer by at least 50% over the next 25 years and improve the experience of people and their families living with and surviving cancer.

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